About me

Developed and Coordinated award winning websites for public sector.

Experienced scholar in software related subjects.

Experienced independent/freelance software developer.

Multilingual worker with strong emphasis on focus, efficiency and transparency in communications. (EN, ES, FR)

Started professionally as a Practitioner of Agile methodologies.

Tech agnostic, Team-oriented, resource-mindful and delivery-focused vision for project development.

Focused on keeping a leading-edge and tool-based approach to Productivity, Software Development and Intuitive Design.

Now I'm looking to collaborate and build products with these 3 essential elements:

Usefulness, Growth & Happiness

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Project Manager / Agile Consultant EPAM

Technical Debt management in Enterprise context

PoC & Discovery Project transitions

Training: Delivery Management, Solutions Architecture & Engineering Best Practices

OKR alignment, Customer Expectations & Risk Management.

See more March 2022 ➜ April 2023

Technical Project Manager MagnaCerta

Project management, task & performance monitoring.

Implementing organizational best practices.

Focused on: multi-platform software development & Customer Support.

See more Nov 2020 ➜ Aug 2021

Technical Product Manager OneCloud Systems / AVIADA

Strategic Planning for a DevOps customer pipeline.

Jira & Wiki maintenance. Runbook management.

Product R&D.

Customer Expectations management.

See more April 2019 ➜ July 2020

Project Manager Internet Brands

Technical Project Planning, Development, Benchmarking.

Task Management.

Requirements Engineering.

Estimations and Scope definitions.

See more Jan 2016 ➜ April 2019

Area director Hermosillo Digital

Director for City Hall's Web Development office.

Managed, Executed and Presented public interest web projects.

Support, R&D and issue resolution for Hermosillo City Hall software tools.

See more Apr 2010 ➜ Sep 2015

Teacher/Scholar University of Sonora

Subjects taught: Software Engineering, Database Systems, Business Development, Web Development, Ecommerce & Management of IT functions.

Collaboration in restructuring University Curriculum.

Upgrades to University's Software toolkit to meet industry standards.

See more Aug 2011 ➜ Dec 2014

Internships CEDES/University of Sonora

University of Sonora Tech Support

CEDES Tech Support

Workstation Maintenance (up to 300 Units at the time)

See more Nov 2008 ➜ May 2009

Freelance Projects

If you're looking for logistics and technical collaboration in your next big idea... I do

Web & Native App Development

Prototype development and Product launches

Project consulting, including mentorship & networking

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University of Sonora

Bachelor's Degree in Administrative Informatics Finalized 2009

The full scope of a tech project is not won by only moving up the org chart. A working base of knowledge is born from the intersection of good tech and business practices brings an updated vision to problem resolution, where technology, by itself, isn't enough. We need to make sure it translates to an organization's needs.

A curriculum with C++, Financial Math & SCRUM brings clarity to any business with a vision of growing with the help & practices of current technologies.

University of Sonora

Information Systems Engineering September 2004 - May 2005

I'm still very fond of my first year in exploration of Discrete Mathematics, Java and my start in UNIX systems (Ubuntu). This gave me the Engineering chops that gave me the strength to take a career turn and ultimately mix that engineering with good business practices. I am very proud of this decision since it gave me a full scope of running a tech business, or what we'd later call "Startup engineering"


As you can see, I've a sum of unusual experiences, besides having a somewhat unconventional way of telling my story. But rest assured that this is just the tip of the iceberg of my working knowledge of functions and tools:

  • Project Management (Agile)
  • Front-End Development
  • Data Analysis
  • CMS (Plone,Wordpress, Ghost, etc...)
  • Back-End Development (PHP, .NET, Python...)
  • Desktop & Native (C++, Java, Swift...)
  • CLI & Terminal
  • Sketch /Pixelmator / Photoshop
  • And More!


Let's talk about what's going on!

I have a Blog, so... Feel free to read and leave something in the comment section.


  • Marco is an accessible, professional and punctual person when he presents his work and always up-to-date in new tech trends. He's a proactive member in any working team.

    Brania Dávila Ruiz
  • Marco is an ally who's always providing effective solutions and ideas when he's involved in a project. He has great ability to lead teams and streamline processes.

    Alberto Haaz Martínez


Now that you know me a little better, I hope that we've found some common ground to work on. That's why I'm making this way easier for both of us and giving you this contact form so we can start chatting... Right away!

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